5 Ways to Care for Grieving Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us. As a day full of hearts, flowers, cards and reminders of those you love, it is supposed to be a happy day. But for those of us who have had a death loss, that is not always the case.

At The WARM Place, we know that today may be a difficult day for grieving hearts. Memories of your loved one and wishes for what could have been may constantly come to mind.

Here are some helpful reminders for how to care for yourself and remember those you love this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Remember your loved one. Often, we try to avoid memories on holidays like today because we think that will help the pain. The reality is, recalling helps us to move through our grief. Think of a special way to consciously remember your loved one today. Some ideas may include writing a letter to them, picking out a card you would have given them, looking at pictures of them, eating their favorite candy, or creating a scrapbook.
  2. Take care of yourself. When we have difficult days, it is important to use self-care. Take a walk. Journal. Make time for a long bath or lunch with a close friend.
  3. Do something for others. Think of others who may be missing a loved one this holiday. What can you do for them in their grief? Perhaps you can send them cards, invite them to meet for dinner, or take them flowers.
  4. Include your children. Ask your kids how they want to treasure memories of their loved one. They may want to make their loved one’s favorite meal or watch his/her favorite movie. Ask them what would be a special way to remember that person.
  5. Recognize you are not alone. Allow others to care for you.  Many times, people around us want to help, but they are not sure how. Tell them what would be helpful for you and accept their help when they offer.

We hope these reminders are helpful for you this Valentine’s Day. Do you have anything special you do to remember your loved one on Valentine’s Day? If you have any ideas that are not on this list, we would love for you to share them!

As we reminisce about our loved ones, may we learn to love them, ourselves, and those around us in new ways.