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Posts by Kim Garrett

Caring for Grieving Children

The month of November is Children’s Grief Awareness Month, with Children’s Grief Awareness Day on November 21st. This designation serves to remind us of the needs of grieving children across the country. Did you know that 1 in 14 children in the US will experience the death of a parent or a sibling before the…

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A Camping We Will Go!

Scent can bring us back to a specific place and time in the blink of an eye. For a handful of our WARM Place families, the smell of cedar trees and camp fire brings back memories of our first annual Camp Remember Me, which took place almost one year ago. This family camp offers opportunities…

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The Power of Sharing – National Grief Awareness Day

On this National Grief Awareness Day, we are reminded that we rarely know the struggles of those we encounter throughout our day. We don’t know what challenges their stories hold. Here at The WARM Place, we believe that telling your story is an important step toward healing on your grief journey. For children or adults,…

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Music + Grief

When an important person in our life dies, there are songs that can hit us like a ton of bricks. Songs that can make us weep openly, and songs that can make us smile fondly. Music has a funny way of bringing us back to a particular time and place, sparking a memory stronger than…

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The Ritual of Rememberance

Did you know that engaging in rituals of remembrance can be therapeutic? Behavioral rituals can help further our healing by allowing us to express grief through our actions. Of course, there are many cultural rituals and religious customs we perform during the mourning period just after a death. We remember our loved ones with visitations,…

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When Valentine’s Day is not all “Hearts & Chocolate”

It is hard to avoid the fact that Valentine’s Day is here. You’ve been seeing heart shaped boxes and commercials for jewelry now for weeks. But as with many holidays and special moments throughout the year, grief can color these once-joyful traditions. If you are struggling with how to celebrate the holiday this year, here…

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