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Posts by Mary Kathryn Nader

Honoring Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many of us experience new emotions of grief as we remember our loved ones. Memories of holidays past and wishes for what could have been, make it difficult to feel the “holiday spirit” that the world around us tells us to have. We have written many posts about these emotions here…

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Grief Awareness Day – August 30

  National Grief Awareness Day was started in 2014 by Angie Cartwright with the intention of letting everyone know it’s okay to grieve. It is a day for us to acknowledge that grief affects us all. We recognize that there is no “right” or “correct” way to grieve.  Each person heals differently from a loss.…

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PreK and Young Adults – Fall 2018

Pre-K Program Every fall and spring we welcome a new group of 31/2 to 5-year-olds into our PreK Group. This group meets for 10 weeks on Wednesdays from 12-1:00 pm to play, make crafts, talk about  their grief and memories of loved ones. Preschoolers who have experienced the death of a loved one are welcome…

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8 Tips for Surviving Summer

The idea of summer usually brings pictures of sunshine, vacations, and fun, but for those who are grieving, summer can feel different and even depressing. Many families have shared with us here at The WARM Place that summer seems to intensify their grief. The activities they used to look forward to now have an element…

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Grieving on Mother’s Day

“Grief is love with nowhere to go.” A mom in one of our groups shared this thought recently. I had to write it down because I thought it was one of the best descriptions of grief I have ever heard. On Mother’s Day, both love and emptiness can be felt simultaneously. On Mother’s Day, we remember…

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