The founders of The WARM Place, Peggy Bohme and Dr. John Richardson.

In 1984 as Peggy Bohme mourned the death of her 14-year-old son Michael she also realized that her nine-year-old daughter Meghan needed a place where she could express her feelings and receive emotional support. Dr. John Richardson, a prominent Fort Worth pediatrician confirmed Peggy’s belief that Texas needed an organization to help children like Meghan and committed to partnering with her to do something about it. On August 24th 1989, they saw their vision become a reality when The WARM (What About Remembering Me Center, Inc.) Place opened its doors to eight families becoming the first children’s grief center in the state of Texas.

Since then, over 40,000 children and their families have come through The WARM Place’s doors! While the facilities, staff, and clientele have grown, the mission has never changed – to offer grief support to children and their families at no cost to them, companion them through their grief process, and love, support, and encourage them in their feelings.