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Posts by Jade Wentz

Preparing for the Holidays

Holiday seasons elicit many feelings for people. Holidays may create togetherness, warmth, and gratitude; but in the eyes and hearts of a griever, holidays may create the exact opposite sensations. Grieving hearts are put under pressure by society, family, and friends to grieve in a uniformed manner that may not be the most suitable for…

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As a Nation Mourns Through Tragedy, How Do We Connect With Our Children?

Sometimes there are things that happen in this world that affect us more personally that we could have ever imagined. National tragedies such as mass shootings leave families altered, broken, and changed that can leave us feeling unsafe. These events can even impact our own grief journeys with additional feelings to process. Some may question:…

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The Impact of Mother’s Day on Grieving Hearts

Mother’s Day is a special day to recognize the hardworking mother figures who help provide comfort and support in the lives and homes of families. When a death of a family member occurs, it changes the dynamics of a household, and the family may struggle to create a “new normal” in their daily lives. With…

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Does Grief Get Easier as We Age from Childhood?

Did you know that in addition to the eight evening support groups The WARM Place offers for Kindergarten through 12th grade children, we also offer a unique group aimed for ages 19-25 years old who are grieving the death of a loved one?  This special program for young adults meets three times a year in…

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How to Make Resolutions When You’re Grieving

The start of a new year signifies the beginning of goal setting and how to achieve “the new you.” For the grieving heart, setting goals and meeting those New Year’s resolutions may seem discouraging or nearly impossible. Even day-to-day tasks may seem even more daunting when grieving. Some people have to set many goals to…

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