Meet Lauren Muckleroy: The Committee Chair for A Cool Night 2023!

Lauren and her husband Zach at A Cool Night 2021
Meet Lauren Muckleroy, our Committee Chair for A Cool Night – Up, Up and Away, taking place on September 16, 2023! She has served on the Cool Night committee since 2021, but her heart for The WARM Place’s mission of children’s grief support goes back much farther than that.

Tell us about your connection to The WARM Place.

I first heard about The WARM Place from Lauren Bailey, previous Cool Night chair. I thought to myself, “Wow, how amazing that a place like this exists right here in Fort Worth!” I wished I could have had something like The WARM Place in my hometown of Baton Rouge.

Lauren, her mother Lindsay, and her twin sister Melanie

My mom passed away suddenly from Lupus when my twin sister and I were 5 years old.  My dad’s world was completely turned upside down, and yet the only thing I can remember is how much he cared for us and made sure we were okay. I count myself lucky to have had a “built in best friend” in my sister to help me through those hard times. So many family friends and relatives also stepped in and helped us.

I don’t take that support system for granted, but I feel that every child in my situation should have a chance to benefit from The WARM Place. Now that I am a parent, I so wish my dad could have experienced that incomparable level of support as well. What a gift this special place is.

Why do you support A Cool Night, and what are some favorite memories of past Cool Night events?

A Cool Night is the largest fundraiser of the year for The WARM Place. With the amazing new expansion of the facility, it is powerful to know that funds raised from A Cool Night play a huge part in The WARM Place’s ability to serve so many more families than ever before.

 Melanie, Lindsay, Lauren

As far as favorite memories, the impact video resonates with me so much every year. I know it takes so much courage and vulnerability for these families to share their story, and it truly shows firsthand the positive impact The WARM Place can have in the midst of so much sadness.

Your son was part of a church group that came to The WARM Place this summer and volunteered. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! I was so grateful to The WARM Place for providing the most amazing service opportunity for the 4th-6th graders. They took a tour and then prepared materials for group sessions. 

My son knows my story and is aware of my involvement with The WARM Place. However, this experience brought out some feelings and questions I wasn’t fully prepared for. At the beginning he became pretty emotional. When I asked him why, he said, “But Mom, it’s just so, SO sad.” I responded, “Yes, I know it’s sad, but The WARM Place brings so much comfort and hope to these kids and their families. THAT’s why we are here. And that’s what we have to focus on.”

It took a minute, but eventually I got a big smile from him. And that smile of his is everything to me. I just know my mom is looking down and sees it too. I’m incredibly grateful for The WARM Place and everyone there who lifts these children and families up. 


A Cool Night Committee 2022
Michele Eischeid, CFRE, Development Manager

Michele Eischeid, CFRE, Development Manager

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