Summer’s Here, But Grief Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Summer’s rolling in, school’s out, and kids are swapping homework for beach balls. But for some kids, there’s one thing that doesn’t take a break – their grief. At The WARM Place, we understand that grief doesn’t take a summer break.

Children who have experienced loss carry their grief with them, regardless of the season. While their classmates look forward to vacations, pool parties, and carefree days, these children are navigating the complex emotions that come with loss. They need support, understanding, and a safe place to express their feelings.

That’s where The WARM Place comes in. We’re here all year round, offering a safe space for kids dealing with loss. A place where they can share, heal, and learn they’re not alone.

But we can’t do it without you.

You can help by joining the Remember Me Giving Program, a community of caring people committed to providing consistent, monthly support for grieving children and their families. Monthly giving is simple, and no amount is too small or too large – it ALL makes a world of difference!

Just as grief doesn’t take a summer break, neither does your support. By choosing to give monthly, you’re making a commitment to these children. You’re telling them that they’re not alone, that their feelings are valid, and that it’s okay to grieve.

So, as we dive into summer, remember: grief doesn’t take a summer break. But with your help, we can ensure that support, understanding, and hope are always available.

Join us. Make a monthly donation today, and let’s make sure no child has to face their grief alone. With your help, they won’t have to.

Thank you for your support. Together, we can make a difference.

Michele Eischeid, CFRE, Development Manager

Michele Eischeid, CFRE, Development Manager

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