With Thanksgiving approaching, we are reminded of all the special memories we have shared with our loved ones and long for ways to connect as a family. At the heart of Thanksgiving is gratitude, and although the holidays may look very different this year, it can be a time of reflection and hope. We can share our struggles and triumphs with those who care for us the most, and we are comforted by the love and support we receive from our dear friends and family. Here are a few activities to try at home to share your gratitude, strengths, and cherished memories. You and your family are in our thoughts, and we are sending you WARM wishes this holiday season!

Activity #1: Tree of Strength

Supplies: Paper, pencil/pen, and crayons or markers

To create your tree, start by tracing your wrist and hand onto a piece of paper, leaving the fingertips open. You can then turn the ends of those fingertips into branches and begin adding leaves. On each leaf, you will write things that help you get through a difficult time. This can include personal strengths, coping strategies, activities you enjoy, and supportive people. Think of anything that can bring a smile to your face and encourage you. Color and decorate the tree.

Process Questions:
How do you feel when you look at all of the leaves?
Which of these things have been your go-to thing that has helped you the most?
Who has been your most impactful support system?


Activity #2: Gratitude Chain

Supplies: Paper or copies of the printable, scissors, writing utensil, stapler

With Thanksgiving coming up, this can be a great way to come together to share the things you are thankful for and create a fun decoration for the holiday. You can use multi-colored paper and cut it into strips, or you can use the free printable. Gather as a family to write things that you are grateful for and create your chain by stapling the strips of paper into loops to connect them all together.

Download the free printable here


Activity #3: Gratitude Game

Supplies: M&M’s and game card

On Thanksgiving, many of us go around our dinner table and share our gratitude. This game can be a fun new way to honor this tradition as a family and enjoy a sweet treat after dinner. Everyone can have their own snack size bag of M&M’s and can take turns sharing what they are thankful for based on the color of the M&M selected.

Download the free game card here