Volunteer Facilitators, Ready to Serve!

Please join us in welcoming our newest facilitators who just completed our Spring Facilitator Training last month! We are excited to announce that this was one of our largest training groups! We are grateful to have so many caring and dedicated volunteers join our WARM Place family. We have 24 new facilitators who have already started their volunteer journey on their group nights over the past month! We are honored to share that many of these individuals participated in our program either as a parent or a child and have returned to walk alongside others in their grief journey.

Our new facilitators dedicated 16 hours of their time to commit to our mission, and we are so grateful they have joined our existing groups, and their service will help create additional groups to provide support to even more families.

When we asked why they wanted to become volunteer facilitators, we were moved by what some shared:

“I was deeply inspired by the incredible impact The WARM Place is having on so many lives. It’s an opportunity for me to learn and develop both personally and professionally, but above all, it’s about being there for the youth who are grieving. It’s important to ensure they feel heard, understood, and embraced in a safe space.”

“Grief is near to my heart and is still so taboo. I was so lucky in my grief journey to have someone bear witness to my pain and would love to be a safe space for the kids.”

These new volunteers are passionate and ready to serve our community and we are thrilled to have them. If you or someone you know would like to join our incredible group of WARM Place volunteers, we have another facilitator training starting at the end of May! Please have them reach out to Alex Baird, Volunteer Coordinator, today! Click here to learn more. 


Alex Baird

Alex Baird

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