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Donor Spotlight – Ken Price

We are so honored to have donors with such genuine support for the children and families in our Grief Support Program! Today we highlight Ken Price–a loyal WARM Place donor, former family and current volunteer. It’s people like him who make The WARM Place mission possible!

Tell us about how you initially got involved with The WARM Place.

A month after turning 21, our daughter, Lauren died in a traffic accident. This sudden loss crippled our family as you might imagine. The WARM Place was recommended through our church and it was truly a godsend. I’m convinced there is absolutely no better way to pour out one’s grief than with others of a like-kind experience. The greatest value to me as a father was to unload my grief with the dad’s group and allow them to offer suggestions on how to make my life more tolerable instead of being consumed with my despair. These sessions allowed me to survive and see a path to move forward.


Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

Ken pictured with his wife and son

Our family consists of: a Mom who’s a Nurse Practitioner (really smart); a Son who thinks he’s smart (Professional Chef); and I, the spatially challenged, who can’t put two shoes in a shoebox. Really!


What do you do for a living?

I’m an Environmental Consultant with a broad career of characterizing a variety of industries from pig farms to aerospace. Basically, my job consists of going to some cool places and seeing the absolute ugliest environmental location in a given State or country.


What has inspired you to regularly donate to The WARM Place?

I’m a firm believer in seeking a professional to help me when I can’t help myself. The WARM Place staff and services are definitely qualified professionals who supply the structure and love to allow others like me to survive the pain and heartache subjected to family members when a loved one passes. There are so few skilled resources to overcome grief that I feel compelled to volunteer and offer my financial support to such a worthy cause.

It’s what makes us human to support each other in this way.

Could you share a favorite story or memory about your involvement with The WARM Place?

Last month I helped with the “Race 2 Remember Them” event at Acme Brick’s property in Fort Worth. My biggest astonishment was the observation of just how many bananas all the runners could eat! Also, there should be a dog competition as there were almost as many dogs as people.

We’d like to express huge heartfelt THANK YOU to Ken and ALL our amazing donors! Your dedication to our mission is overwhelming, and we’re so honored that you continue to keep The WARM Place so close to your heart!

Katie Lane

Katie Lane

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