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Finding Hope After a Year Filled with Loss


As we gladly say goodbye to 2020, I find myself reflecting on the idea of loss. This word has a different meaning this year for so many of us.  The magnitude and degree of loss, and the grief that comes with it, vary from day to day. You might know a friend or a neighbor who has lost their job or childcare. You might be feeling the loss of holiday gatherings or the loss of control and sanity while trying to work from home and raising small children. Regardless of where you might have felt it or seen it, loss has been a constant theme this year. These losses pale in comparison to losing a loved one. Unfortunately, many families across the nation and in our community have felt this loss firsthand due to COVID-19. My family recently joined this group. And the cruel twist of 2020 is that grieving our losses is even more challenging as we can’t gather for funerals or say our goodbyes in person. None of this feels fair, but it is the reality of this time in our lives, and the reality so many of our WARM Place families face every day.

Out of these unthinkable times, our families are bound together by their loss. When WARM Place children walk through these doors, each of them has experienced the death loss a mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent or other loved one. They may feel like the only person going through that type of loss, but once they are here, they realize they are not alone. They are surrounded by others feeling what they are feeling and thinking what they are thinking. And it is here that they find healing. It is here that they find hope. And it is here that they can share memories and remember their loved ones.

So today I ask that you help us remember those we have lost in our community by supporting the families at The WARM Place. Show them your support. Show them they are not alone. Show them their story of loss matters and is recognized. For 31 years, The WARM Place has supported grieving families in our community who have experienced unimaginable losses. This year, more than any other, we need your support. Your gift will ensure that the 388 children who have experienced loss will know they are not alone. Your gift is a glimpse of hope in a time filled with loss.

Katie Lane

Katie Lane

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