Meet Brooke

Meet Brooke! She is a TCU graduate student, photographer, and now our summer public relations intern. Brooke also volunteers as a group facilitator with The WARM Place on our Grandparent Night.
When I first moved to Fort Worth last August, 08I was searching for ways to get plugged into our community. I was new to the city, though, and sadly with graduate school, most of my time was spent studying. However, only studying gets old after a while! After an extensive search of local organizations, I found The WARM Place–and I’m so thankful.

There are so many great nonprofit organizations in this town, so why The WARM Place? First of all, I think what we do here is amazing and unique. When I first learned about The WARM Place, I had never heard of Grief Support Centers–what a great concept though.  I was touched by The WARM Place’s mission because grief is a human condition that we all endure. However, I was primarily moved by two things that The WARM Place stands for: children and mental health. For a while now, these have been my biggest passions. The WARM Place promotes the welfare of both, and I couldn’t have been more excited about getting involved when I learned this.

It’s been a great opportunity for me to not only volunteer here, but also intern at The WARM Place as well. I have been helping with social media, event planning, graphic design, and other communication-related tasks. Nonprofit communication is my focus in my masters degree, so I love learning about it and getting hands-on experience.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful for this opportunity to both intern and volunteer at The WARM Place. It is a very rewarding experience as I continue to expand my knowledge in the communication field. More importantly, it is personally rewarding as I get to help children work through their grief.

-Brooke Bailey, WARM Place PR Intern



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