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Meet Madison

Meet Madison! She is a senior undergraduate at Miami University, majoring in Interactive Media Studies and Entrepreneurship, and is now our Events and PR Intern.

Hi Y’all!

This year I’ve been moving all over the country- starting from leaving my home town in Cincinnati to go spend the semester in San Francisco. When I was looking at where to travel to next for the summer, I knew I wanted some place warm!

I found The WARM Place through pure luck, and am so glad to have landed in Fort Worth for the summer.

I’ve done a lot of volunteering and service trips throughout the years, but I have never felt that my few hours or days of work has truly made a lasting impact on someone.  I also have never had experience with grief programs for kids before joining The WARM Place, but when I learned about The WARM Place’s mission and the impact it makes, I knew this was the place for me.  I want to help The WARM Place make a positive and lasting impact on children and families who are going through the stages of grief.

To be able to do what you love and make an impactful difference for someone is a very rare combination to find. I am so excited to see all of the amazing work The WARM Place will do this summer and beyond, and am very thankful to be a part of this journey.

-Madison Krell, WARM Place Events and PR Intern

WARM Place Intern

WARM Place Intern

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