Oh How Sweet the Sound!

WARM Place families created sweet musical harmony together at our June Family Night! Just as we do on our group nights at The WARM Place, families were invited to sit down for a meal together. BJ’s Brewhouse and Grill generously provided dinner, which included pizza and salad, and dessert consisted of delicious cookies from Panera Bread. Special thanks to both restaurants for helping to make this Family Night special!

The backyard was full of instrument making stations, manned by volunteers. Families had the opportunity to make “DIY” drums, kazoos, banjos, tambourines and shakers. Several volunteers also brought some of their own instruments such as banjos, guitars, violins, keyboards, and even a harpsichord! These musically talented volunteers showed the children how their instruments worked and gave tips on how to play! Children loved taking turns making their own instruments and playing with real instruments as well. Families were also invited to compose original music at our song-writing stations. Music therapists volunteered their time and talents to help facilitate this activity. Check out some of the original songs written by the children and their families!

The highlight of the night was by far the open-mic portion! During the last 30 minutes of the evening, families were given the opportunity to share their musical talents with everyone. We had a variety of talent shared including original songs composed that evening, singing to popular hits, and even speaking performances about loved ones! It was truly touching to see what everyone had to offer.

Lastly, we ended this Family Night by standing in a circle and singing a song that is very special to The WARM Place – ‘The Remember Song.’ This song is sung at the end of every group night and concludes our evenings at The WARM Place. It was only appropriate that on a musical night like this, we end with a song special to everyone in attendance.

Each Family Night focuses on making new memories as a family after a death. We always invite the WHOLE family to come together- so you can bring the baby, grandpa, and a friend. Each family night has a different theme and includes different activities.  Family Nights are always open to past, present, and future families of The WARM Place.

Our next Family Night will take place on Friday, August 24.  We hope you will be able to join us!  To stay up to date on event info, make sure to follow us on social media.



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