Family Feelings Activities to Try At Home

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Here are a few activities about feelings that you can try at home with your family this week! We’d love to see some of your masterpieces and WARM Place activities at home in action! Email your photos and thoughts about the activities to

Scribble Art: Ages 3-8

Supplies: Paper, crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, or washable markers

Have your child think of a feeling they have been experiencing and choose a color that represents that feeling.  Have them scribble on the page.  Their scribbles can be as small or as big as they would like.  They can scribble slowly or fast depending on how they are feeling.  Have them write the feeling on the page or parents can help.  They can also create a “feelings creature” by giving their scribbles facial features, adding other illustrations, or settings.

Feelings Scribble: Ages 9-12

Supplies: Paper, crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, or washable markers

Have them use a black pen or black marker to make “scribbly” lines all over the page.  They will do this by making lots of fluid lines with loops.  They will then choose up to 5 feelings they have been experiencing and choose a color for each feeling.  Have them create a key and write down each feeling and color on the page.  Have them color in the loops with the different colors to represent how they have been feeling.  Have them think about the intensity of each feeling and use those colors the most to represent those feelings.

Name Your Feelings: Ages 13-18

Supplies: Paper, crayons, colored pencils, colored pens, or washable markers

Have them write their name in the middle of the paper in block or bubble letters large enough to write inside each letter, but make sure to leave space available all around their name.  Have them write their true feelings they don’t share with others on the inside of the letters and write the feelings they show the world on the outside of their name.  They can also write things that are in their control on the inside and things that are out of their control on the outside.  They can decorate their paper, be creative with color choices, and add designs as desired.

Feelings To-Do List: Ages 19+

Supplies: Writing utensils, paper, sticky notes, or notepad

Think about overwhelming feelings you have been experiencing, such as stress, sadness, and/or anger.  Create a to-do list that includes activities that might help you with these overwhelming feelings.  Here are a few examples you might include on your to-do list: watch your favorite movie, talk to or FaceTime a friend, write a letter, draw, cook, DIY projects, try something new, at-home spa day, play family games, etc.

Feelings Scavenger Hunt: The Whole Family

Supplies: Items in your home

Create a list of the types of items you would like your family to find.  For example, find something that makes you happy, find something that brings you comfort, find something that is your favorite color, find something that reminds you of your loved one, etc.  Once everyone has found their items, come together as a family to share with each other.