It’s that time of year again…

As December approaches so does our favorite holiday past time A Phone Call From Santa.  This is our 22nd year hosting this one of a kind fundraiser that helps support grieving children at The WARM Place. group wed dec 11 It’s hard to explain just how magical this little fundraiser is to those that have not experienced it first hand.  Each year over 100 volunteer Santa’s don hats and jingle bells to play the ‘infamous’ role of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick.

They make personalized phone calls to children all across the country keeping the magic of Santa alive and spreading holiday cheer.  Now, when I say personalized phone calls I really mean it.  Each order is placed with a detailed form that asks questions such as “Does he/she have any siblings?” to “What personal accomplishments have they had this year?” and of course “What is on the child’s Christmas list?”.  Our volunteer Santas use this form and talk to the child about what is going on in their life.  It completely amazes them that Santa knows so much!  The wonder and excitement in their voice when they hear Santa say “Ho..Ho…Ho…” is contagious.  Check out this sweet video of Lizzie receiving her “Phone Call From Santa” to get a little glimpse of the magic!

Each year we ask our Santa’s to write down some of the highlights from their conversations check out what happened in 2013:

“Lanie wanted me to know that her brother doesn’t believe in me anymore, but she wanted to make sure that I know that he wants an iPhone.”

“Madison, 5, thought it was really funny that my favorite thing in Kindergarten was ‘sight words,’ just like her. She said she’s ‘just like me,’ except she’s 5, and she’s a girl.”

“Ramsey shrieked when Santa told her that Mrs. Claus wants him to only eat brussel sprout cookies. She loved the idea that it’s our secret that she’s leaving me chocolate chip.”

Santa: “What do you want for Christmas?”
Child: “If you’d read my letter, you’d already know.”

Girl: “I want a dinosaur or a dragon.”
Santa: “Well what is the difference in a dragon or a dinosaur?”
Girl: “Well, they’re opposites.”

Santa: “Hello Diego, this is Santa calling from the North Pole!”
Diego: “Oh good, I’ve been meaning to talk to you….the airplane I got last year didn’t have a remote control!”

A Phone Call From Santa is just $20 dollars (+$10 per additional child in the same household) and ALL of the proceeds fund our grief support program.  Calls must be ordered before December 12th so don’t wait and order today here.

If you do not have a child in your life that needs a call, you can still support this wonderful fundraiser by sponsoring A Phone Call From Santa or donating a call for just $20 to one of the children at The WARM Place.

You can also get involved by promoting A Phone Call From Santa at your workplace, school, church, favorite retail shops, or more!  You can print our Santa Call Poster for 2014 or contact for printed materials and order forms.

We hope you will join us in spreading some holiday joy this season and participate in A Phone Call From Santa!!! We promise it will make lasting holiday memories!

-Shelley Spikes, Director of Events & PR

Santa Call Poster 2014 with sponsor logos




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