Your Birthday Can Open Doors to Healing – Discover the Impact!

We deeply appreciate the many people who have set up birthday fundraisers through Facebook to support The WARM Place. When you choose to support us on your birthday, you are part of a community that believes in nurturing resilience in the face of grief, with every dollar raised helping to provide ongoing grief support at no cost to families.

During life’s celebrations, there’s a unique joy that comes from sharing. As you mark another year of life, why not amplify the joy by setting up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook in support of The WARM Place? You can join others who have chosen this inspiring path – your collective impact becomes the gentle hand that guides our children toward a brighter tomorrow.

Hear from a current WARM Place board member on her experience with her Facebook birthday fundraiser:

“I love how easy it is to utilize Facebook fundraisers as a way to both celebrate my birthday and support The WARM Place! I wouldn’t normally ask for gifts for myself, but I see it as selfish NOT to allow my friends and family the opportunity to support grieving children. Makes me feel good. Makes them feel good. Everybody wins!!” – Keirah Burrell

Set up your fundraiser and witness how your special day transforms into a legacy of love and support for the children at The WARM Place. To get started, visit our Facebook page and click on “Fundraisers,” and then select “Raise Money.” From setting the title and fundraising goal to sharing what inspired you to support The WARM Place, you have the power to make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for considering this heartfelt way to celebrate your birthday. Let’s celebrate together, touching lives one birthday at a time! If you have any questions please contact Emilee Jordan, Development Associate at emilee@thewarmplace.org or 817-870-2272.

Emilee Jordan

Emilee Jordan

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