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WarmPlace3girls1dad_July09_710-1The month of June brings families together to celebrate summertime fun and frolic. Families also will be gathering to celebrate and honor fathers on this Father’s Day holiday. A time for camping, fishing, games, BBQs and finding the funniest card.

For many of us, it is another routine holiday with Dad. We assume that Father’s Day is fun for everyone. But, for others, those Fathers who have lost children and children who have lost fathers, it can be a very real and sad reminder of the death of a loved one and the realization of how much you miss them.

The death of a father can be devastating for a family. Who can fill those shoes?

Grief has no set format, no formula to follow to reach the end. Grief is unpredictable and never far away. Do not let this year’s holiday rob you of your joy. Take some time this special day to remember and celebrate your courage and strength, love and laughter, life lessons taught and learned both good and bad. Take time to Reflect with others on old memories and make time to create new ones. As our WARM Place traditions say “It’s okay to be sad and cry” and “it’s okay to be happy and laugh.”

And if your friend is grieving… make a call, send a card, listen, laugh or cry with them. Be mindful of their wishes.

Dad’s Place

There is a special kind of feeling
When I think of you, Dad
It is pleasing to remember
All the happy times we had

There is a special kind of love
That is meant for you alone

There is a place
Within my heart
That only Dad can own.

-Gina Brown, WARM Place Counselor

Shelley Bettis

Shelley Bettis

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