Honoring Moms This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the restaurant business’s busiest day of the year; families gather to publicly celebrate the person we generally think of as the glue of the family. Mothers are known for keeping the family organized, being emotionally supportive, and generally making sure everybody is being taken care of. The very things that make us cherish mothers are the things that make their deaths harder.

When we think of ways to describe what/who a mother is, we come up with words like: caring, nurturer, selfless, loving, protective, and caregiver. We also recognize that this role can be heavy to carry, we see that they can feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the amount of work it takes to be “Mom.” This is why we appreciate them even more and why Mother’s Day is so meaningful to so many.

For those that have experienced the death of your mother or motherly figure, we encourage you to think: what words would you use to describe your Mom? This Mother’s Day, think about the attributes that create the bond between you two. Make a conscious effort to recognize what makes your mom and your relationship special. Use those words to make a collage, write a poem, create a work of art, inspire a journal entry, or even just say them out loud. Also use those words to recognize those who have shown you those attributes in your mom’s absence. Who has stepped in to provide care, love, and be nurturing? Extend the recognition and appreciation where it feels right.

As we move forward from one holiday to the other, it’s important to acknowledge how memories and present life interact. Honoring the memory of moms who are no longer with us, while acknowledging those that keep their essence in our lives.

America Gonzalez, LCSW

America Gonzalez, LCSW

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