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Preparing for the Holidays

Holiday seasons elicit many feelings for people. Holidays may create togetherness, warmth, and gratitude; but in the eyes and hearts of a griever, holidays may create the exact opposite sensations. Grieving hearts are put under pressure by society, family, and friends to grieve in a uniformed manner that may not be the most suitable for…

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Choose a Hero

It’s hard to ignore Father’s Day coming up on June 16th. Fathers everywhere will be celebrating their day and honored for their special role. But, how do we celebrate without fathers? You yearn to share the day and to celebrate, but instead you must carry on without him. You remember fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, or other…

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The Ritual of Rememberance

Did you know that engaging in rituals of remembrance can be therapeutic? Behavioral rituals can help further our healing by allowing us to express grief through our actions. Of course, there are many cultural rituals and religious customs we perform during the mourning period just after a death. We remember our loved ones with visitations,…

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