Family Spotlight: Jacob and Clarissa Lopez

We are honored to introduce you to Jacob and Clarissa Lopez, a current WARM Place family. Jacob started attending sibling night in 2022 after the death of his older brothers on September 15, 2021. Jacob’s mother, Clarissa, was gracious enough to share some of their story and grief journey with us.

How did you hear about The WARM Place? What were your feelings about bringing Jacob initially?

I first heard about The WARM Place from my friend whose son attended after his grandmother passed away. I remember thinking what an amazing place to offer grief support to children and their families. I knew that after the devastating loss of Isaiah and Elijah, Jacob was going to need love and support. I was confident that The WARM Place would provide the on-going grief support he needs.

We know you are very proactive in making real changes so that an automobile accident like this does not happen to anyone else in the same area. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Isaiah and Elijah passed away in a tragic car accident as they were driving home from Boswell High School on W. Bailey Boswell Rd. This was and continues to be a very dangerous road. The number of reported accidents prior and even after their fatalities is just devastating. Immediately after their fatal accident, I knew something needed to be done. I knew that something like this just couldn’t happen to someone else…no one should ever have to lose their babies the way I did. It was at that moment that my strength, my leadership skills, and my mother’s heart all kicked in…and I knew I needed to speak up! Weeks following the accident, Jacob and I attend several meetings with City Council Members and Public Works with the City of Fort Worth and I spoke up at every meeting, sharing my story and requesting changes to be made. I have to admit that the City of Fort Worth listened and immediate temporary changes were put into place, such as, minor road repairs and a traffic light at the intersection of W. Bailey Boswell Rd.  and Twin Mills Blvd. The permanent infrastructure is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2025. I am actively working with City Officials to ensure that there is a designated place for The Lopez Brother’s memorial cite on W. Bailey Boswell Rd once the 10ft sidewalks are placed.

Are there traditions or special things you and Jacob do together to remember Isaiah and Elijah?

Jacob and I continue to honor Isaiah and Elijah in every way we can. We have a special place in our living room where we can always stop and talk to the boys, where we light a red and a blue candle (their favorite colors) in their honor especially during special occasions, when we attend special events or go on vacation we wear or carry something in their honor, we make sure to keep them with us and their memory alive.

In what ways has coming to The WARM Place been a benefit for Jacob?

The WARM Place has provided a safe place for Jacob to grieve with peers of similar loss, making him feel that he’s not alone in his own grief journey. He has been able to openly express his feelings and cherish their memory in positive ways.

Now that you have been coming to The WARM Place for about two years, what would you say is the most significant tool it has given you as a grieving parent, helping your child navigate their own feelings of grief?

Being a single mother is difficult but being a grieving single mother is a whole different type of challenge. The WARM Place has provided peer support for me as well and that has been extremely helpful during my grieving journey. We call ourselves “Warm Moms” and although we are all unique in our own ways, we all have many similarities, and we all share grief. One of the most important things I have learned is that children grieve differently than adults, they are still growing, learning, and adjusting to grief. The group activities have helped me better understand my own grief and that helps me better understand Jacob’s different stages of grief as he continues to grow. We are so thankful to be able to attend The WARM Place and feel comfortable knowing others understand us and our grief journey.

Katy Kuack

Katy Kuack

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