Finding Joy in Grief

Do you remember life without grief? It may seem like a dream. Have you felt loneliness, anger, betrayal or bitterness? How are you handling trials that come your way? Many grievers are asking, “Can I experience joy while presently grieving”?

It takes a lifetime to grieve the death of a loved one, but during your lifetime you can find joy, hope and healing. Grief forces you to wrestle with guilt, anger, sorrow and even questions, so that you may gain power over those feelings. Finding joy does not mean you will not feel pain, but you can feel joy amidst your grief.

Be open this holiday season to finding glimpses of joy. Give yourself permission to do things you love, make new traditions or try something different. While being present with grief, begin to live intentionally for acceptance and healing. Make changes slowly that foster a path to hope. Allow yourself to find joy in sights, sounds and moments.

Our groups found some joy this week engaging in our family activity together. Families created a “banner” in memory of their loved ones. The banners were both expressive and beautiful. Together, families chose some of their favorites memories of their loved ones and turned them into art. Creating these banners together formed new memories, while remembering the old ones.

Gina Brown M.S., LPC

Gina Brown M.S., LPC

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