Keeping Memories Alive

When a friend or loved one dies, it’s quite customary to send flowers to the bereaved family. However, more and more we’re seeing families direct their donations to the non-profit organizations they love in lieu of flowers. There’s just something thoughtful and respectable about honoring and remembering your loved one by making a charitable gift in their name.

When you experience the death of a loved one, would you consider giving a gift to The WARM Place in lieu of flowers?

Imagine the satisfaction you would feel knowing that because of your generosity during your own time of loss, you are planting seeds of hope and healing in children who are grieving the death of their own loved one.


Occasionally, we get numerous donations in memory of one specific individual, creating a special connection with that family. We are truly moved by the heartwarming words that pour in with each donation. We are always humbled to pass along the thoughtful messages in gift acknowledgment cards mailed to the grieving family.

Responding to your own grief by choosing to make a memorial gift to The WARM Place will help heal the hearts of grieving children.

When someone we love dies, we often fear that we will forget them. By making a gift in their name, you are keeping their memory alive.

What a beautiful way to pay it forward…

“In the midst of your struggle lies your ability to help someone else through theirs.”

– Katie Lane, Development Associate



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