Listen to Your Heart 

On any given day, we are faced with challenges and triumphs, and for some it may feel that one comes more readily than the other. We know that each new day can bring a new opportunity. An opportunity to open your heart, to listen to someone else’s perspective, to share your struggles, to support someone, or to tell your story.

What do you tell yourself? What phrases ring in your heart? “This is more than I can handle alone,” “my grief comes in waves,” “I will honor you,” “your love will remain,” “be patient and have faith,” “never give up,” or “I’m not alone.”

Throughout your grief journey, it is important to truly listen to your heart and let others in. It can be difficult to open up to someone new or even to your closest friends and family. Consider sharing your heart with others and allow yourself room to heal.

Tell your story – Share your experiences, your ups and downs, and your treasured memories.

Reveal your true feelings – Acknowledge your feelings and share them with others. Know that you have faced some of your toughest days and made it through.

Reach out to others – Seek connection and let people in, share what has helped you the most, and recognize your greatest supporters.

Acknowledge where you are in your grief journey – Do you feel stuck, afraid, and isolated, or do you feel understood, supported, and heard?

Have courage to face your challenges, embrace your vulnerabilities, and listen to your heart. Feeling safe to share your heartache, your voice, and your story in the presence of kindness can help you begin to heal.

Dana Minor, M.S., LPC-S, CSC

Dana Minor, M.S., LPC-S, CSC

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