Meet Miya

Meet Miya! She is a junior undergraduate at Loyola University New Orleans majoring in Mass Communication, and now our Public Relations and Events intern.

Hi! I’m thrilled to be interning with The WARM Place this summer! It’s nice to be home and for me to be able to come back and work with The WARM Place community. My mother is very involved with The WARM Place and she first introduced me to the organization when I was in junior high. My brother and I would come with her every other Thursday night and help set up and clean up the potluck dinners. My mother and I continued volunteering when I was still in high school, and she still helps with events and volunteer projects while I’m away at school in New Orleans.

I have always respected the mission and goals of The WARM Place. The staff and volunteers quickly make clients feel like one big family and everyone is able to come together to find solace and comfort in each other. The WARM Place helps people to heal in their most difficult times and it’s very heartwarming to see how this organization works to change lives for the better. Last year, I experienced the loss of a close friend while I was away at school and since I hadn’t really experienced that feeling of grief before, it was difficult for me to understand how to cope with that loss. Although I never went through The WARM Place program, I thought back to the sense of community that the organization created and remembered that I wasn’t alone during that period. The WARM Place not only makes a difference in the lives of their clients, but also of the people who work with them.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to continue my involvement with The WARM Place. I know that this will be a very rewarding experience for me and I’m so blessed to be able to work with the amazing staff here at The WARM Place.

-Miya Lucas, WARM Place PR & Events Intern

Shelley Bettis

Shelley Bettis

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