How to Refer a Family


Children who are referred to The WARM Place may have experienced the death loss of:

  • A parent
  • A sibling
  • A grandparent
  • An aunt, uncle, cousin, or other relative
  • A close friend
  • A classmate

When referring a family to The WARM Place it is helpful to know the process of what a family needs to do to start attending groups at The WARM Place.  See the simple 3-step process below and find a link to download our brochure which can be helpful to pass along to a family that may be interested in our services.

Call The WARM Place

The legal guardian of the child/children must contact The WARM Place to schedule an intake appointment.  

When should I call?

  • Call us anytime after the death loss to schedule an intake/interview appointment at 817-870-2272.  
  • Families can call anytime during office hours (Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) if they need to talk to someone.  

Attend Intake Appointment

The intake/interview is during the day and lasts about 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  All family members including children and legal guardian(s) must be present at the intake.

What happens at the intake appointment?

  • The family can share their death loss experience.
  • The tour of the facility alleviates possible fears of coming to The WARM Place.
  • The intake is conducted by a counselor. Time is spent with adult(s) and children separately.
  • The family is assigned a group night based on who has died in the child’s life.

Start Attending Group

The support groups offered at The WARM Place are for parent loss (including step-parent), sibling loss (biological or step-sibling, and grandparent loss (including extended family members, friends, or any other significant death loss.) The guardian(s) must attend with the children. 

What do I need to know about group nights?

  • Groups meet every other week (with the exception of special programs.)
  • Families attend groups as long as they feel the need for support.
  • Special programs include groups for Young Adults, ages 19 to 25 and groups for preschoolers, ages 3-1/2 to 5.
  • Groups are led by facilitators who have had extensive training in the grief process and group dynamics.The WARM Place services are at no charge to the families.