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Teens Use Emojis To Talk About Their Feelings

The counselors at The WARM Place are always looking for innovative ways to help teens express their feelings.  Most teenagers want to talk about their feelings but they may be apprehensive or confused about how to share such deep feelings of loss. Recently, one of our groups used emoji’s to talk about their grief experiences. To begin this activity, the teens first took turns solving funny emoji puzzles about movies and TV shows. Then they selected their own emoji’s to spell out a sentence about their grief. As you can see, teens are sharing their feelings at The WARM Place and by doing so, they find a special place where they feel heard and supported by their peers. It is amazing how insightful and expressive teenagers can be when we give them age-appropriate channels of communication.

Take a look at these two Emoji Puzzles completed by two WARM Place teens…

By Lisa Nichols, MA, LPC-S, Program Director

Shelley Bettis

Shelley Bettis

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