To our volunteers…

thank-you-volunteersApril is Volunteer Appreciation month. Seems like a fitting time to highlight some of the things that make you all such special people to us, the things that make you our family.

THANK YOU for sacrificing your valuable time with your family, friends, pets and jobs to be here with us and our grieving families.

THANK YOU for giving of your emotional resources to hear stories and be a part of experiences that can cause belly laughs or bitter tears (and sometimes both).

THANK YOU for being dedicated- for showing up on time, every time and for understanding that your place here is sacred.

THANK YOU for caring for each other as much as you do our families – it is such a joy to see the bonds between each group of volunteers and to witness how you step up and step in for one another because you care.

THANK YOU for accepting the responsibility to care for a child (or parent, or aunt, or uncle, or grandparent) though they begin their journey here at The WARM Place as a stranger to you. Your warmth and kindness makes a scary new beginning much easier.

THANK YOU for choosing The WARM Place as a place to give of yourself. We understand how many worthy causes our great city holds, and it means the world to us that you choose our organization to donate your time and efforts to.

The WARM Place is in its 26th year of operation here in Fort Worth. Some of you have been with us a great many years, some of you are new to us. ALL of you are invaluable to us, and we cannot say THANK YOU enough. We love you!

-Natalie Chapa, Volunteer Coordinator

Shelley Bettis

Shelley Bettis

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