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Add Volunteering to Your 2020 Goals

Often New Year’s resolutions revolve around self-improvement: financial security, healthier lifestyle, traveling more, or learning a new skill or hobby. While these are all great goals, what if your New Year’s resolutions could include both self and community improvement? One of the best ways to incorporate both is to volunteer!

When you think of volunteering, you probably envision helping others. At The WARM Place, our volunteers truly make a difference, as we rely on them to lead our grief support groups. Grieving families are able to attend grief support groups because we have so many wonderful volunteers who have made the commitment to be here for them. Our Volunteer Facilitators help encourage conversation and lead grief related activities that have been planned by our Group Directors, giving children and their families a safe place to talk about their loved ones and their grief journey. Our volunteer House Parents also play an important role in our program. House Parents help prepare the kitchen for our potluck meal and greet families upon arrival. They also clean up after everyone has finished dinner, so that group can get started on time. Both volunteer roles help our community by serving grieving families.

Learn more about what it means to be a WARM Place volunteer by watching the video below.

Have you ever thought about how volunteering can lead to self-improvement as well? According to Nonprofithub, volunteering increases confidence, helps with depression and stress, and teaches new skills. Volunteering also gives you a great way to meet new people and expand a network within your community. In other words, volunteering just may give you the self-improvement that you may be looking for when picking a New Year’s resolution!

Volunteering can benefit everyone involved. It can provide you with the self-improvement you may be looking for, while also helping others in our community. If you are interested in volunteering at The WARM Place, please fill out our volunteer application here, or email Molly at if you have any questions. Volunteering training for Facilitators is mandatory and only happens twice a year. Our next training starts on February 4th. Click here to view the full list of training dates. We would love for you to join our team of volunteers this year!




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