The Christmas gift that every WARM Place child needs…

presentsChristmas is the time of year when everyone searches for that “perfect” gift that will be meaningful for those they love. Trying to figure out if they’ll like it, use it, or even need it can be a challenge. We’ve all been there, right?

Children, especially, can hardly wait to wake up Christmas morning and open their gifts under the tree! But for The WARM Place child, it’s bittersweet. Although they’re excited to see what they got, it’s only temporary. Soon after all the presents are opened and the newness wears off, their hearts often become saddened once again as they feel that same void they felt before – that special person isn’t there to share it with. Christmas morning quickly becomes a time of mourning, and the children need to be comforted. They need to feel loved.

Would you consider making a meaningful year-end gift to put some love back into the heart of a WARM Place child? Your financial gift will make sure that every child in our program will be loved on their grief journey.

stock-illustration-21586814-merry-christmas-heart-decoraionOur founders agreed from day one that we would never ask WARM Place families to pay for grief support services because they knew they already had to manage such a heavy emotional burden. Adding financial pressure on top of it would be even more devastating for most. That’s why we completely depend on generous folks like YOU to help these grieving children who so desperately need to feel loved during the holiday season.

Love is the Christmas gift that every WARM Place child needs!

It will last and be etched on their hearts forever. . . 

-Lisa A. Fellers, Director of Development



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