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Donor Spotlight – Lauren Bailey

We LOVE it when one of our volunteers becomes a true advocate and champion in the community for The WARM Place! Lauren Bailey has not only been a volunteer facilitator since 2015, but she is also our 2019 “Cool Night” Event Chair! Her generosity and commitment truly make this mission possible! Meet Lauren Bailey…

Tell us about how you initially got involved with The WARM Place.

I originally learned about The WARM Place through the Junior League of Fort Worth. Someone from TWP came to speak at one of our Junior League events, and I knew immediately that I wanted to get involved. The very next week I set up a tour of TWP and signed up for facilitator training.  I’ve been facilitating ever since.

Lauren with her husband and two children

Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

My husband, Jake, and I have been married for almost twelve years. We have two little boys named James and Everett, and a sweet, old dog named Corbin.  Our third little boy is due in April!

What do you do for a living?

I’m a personal stylist.  I help people get dressed for a living!  I shop, pack and coordinate outfits for my clients.

What has inspired you to regularly support the organization as a donor, and get others on board as well?

Being a facilitator at TWP, I get to regularly see the impact the organization has on grieving families. I see the way that the families learn to manage their grief, instead of feeling completely consumed by it. I also, personally, understand what it is like to be a grieving child and to have to process my grief without the help of an organization like TWP and without the companionship of others that share in the same sadness. I am so thankful that the families in our community never have to feel alone in their grief and have TWP as a refuge during their journey. My personal experience and my experience as a facilitator has made be so grateful that TWP exists. I never want a child to have to grieve alone. That’s why I support TWP and always will!

Could you share a favorite story or memory about your involvement with The WARM Place?

One of my favorite experiences is doing crafts with my group at TWP. We often find that our kids who have a hard time expressing their emotions through words are able to communicate more fully through a craft or drawing. It’s special and so rewarding to see a child that has struggled with their grief to find a way to express it and to have something tangible to represent their feelings.

We are beyond grateful for Lauren’s dedication to The WARM Place mission, both as a volunteer and a generous donor. We couldn’t do this important work without her or the other hundreds of volunteers and donors who so loyally support the grieving families in our community. Thank you for providing a safe and supportive refuge to those who need it most.

Katie Lane

Katie Lane

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